Saturday, June 28, 2008


Tuesday, September 27
Dear Diary
So this is my blog. I've had livejournal before...but never a blog.
I quit with livejournal. Not private enough. But mind you, this isn't exactly gonna be private either...just different. So here I go.
What am I supposed to do? Share my innermost feelings about love, war, and God? Tell all of my secrets??
You know, i've never been much of a journal person. I always give up after a couple days, and it just kinda fades out until one day i find the journal again and think "Hey, it'd be a great idea if I kept a journal" and the vicous cycle starts all over again.
So well see what happens with this. I might forget all about it by Christmas. But myabe not. Maybe this one will be successful.
Who knows.

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