Friday, June 27, 2008


Friday, December 02, 2005

So here I am,
Not really much of a writer or anything, but hey, trying out the whole blog thing anyway.
I had a semi-excitement filled day. First block my teacher was 10 minutes late.. which i didnt mind since i was 5 late myself. Shes the kind of person that has an opinion on asolutely everything, and if you dont agree with her she gets really pissed off. Then i went to my friends house and we boiled bananas.. well, i boiled bananas when she was trying to make soup, she sassed me and took them out, about 5 minutes later they turned brown. We also made a video. It was pretty sweet, sometime in my life I would like to act in something big. I was in a short play once, i got to fake a british accent. I really enjoyed that.

dont know what else to say..

I'll post something else some other day/

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