Friday, August 8, 2008

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Monday, October 18, 2004
Don't bother...
...On second thought...

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Friday, October 15, 2004
Last night I prayed that you die
I spent a great deal of my life being brainwashed by Christian fanatics. Thanks P&M. I spent my impressionable youth being scared shitless of thinking about a boob. I was encouraged to live a life of fear, guilt, and shame for wanting to have fun. I was told that the God that loved me eternally and unconditionally couldn't wait for an opportunity to cast me down to an eternity of horrendous torture the likes of which can not even be comprehended by mankind. "Pass the collection basket please, let me pay for more lies." Its not just Christianity, it's all organized religion. They preach love and compassion on one hand, but encourage you to look at non-believers as soul-less pigs. 99% of all wars in history have been fought in the name of a God. You'd think these assholes would have gotten the point by now. I hope you do. Of course, religion at its heart is not all bad. Throughout time, nutsacks like to add and take away and mold ideas to fit their own agenda. I think that right after man created fire, but just before he discovered the hygienic advantage of ass-wiping, he stumbled upon this: That a power unknown created all he knows, and all that he doesn't know, but could very well exist, order to live a fulfilled life, he must respect that power and all of its creations. Somewhere along the road from then to now, there were assholes who really believed that woman was formed from the first man's rib. Then there were asshole nuns and priests who forced that shit into the minds of young kids and threatened them to believe it, without question, or suffer eternal damnation. If we weren't meant to doubt, why do we? And as far as Jesus goes, the stories I hear about him paint a great picture. Everyone should try to live the way that we were told he lived. I think that's the message. Maybe he is God, maybe not. Either way, he makes for a damned good role model. To forbid doubt of his divinity proves that you fear truth. Essentially, you fear turning to worm shit once you die. Fear not, you won't know. I too hope that there is something after life, that would be great, that's why I pray to my God every night. That, and inner well-being. So to the religious out there, good for you, as long as your happy wallowing in a life of misbeliefs and ignorance, carry on, just stay away from me.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Finally, some self-importance
I'm glad I'm jumping on the trendy, computer savvy blog band-wagon. I'm going to start watching The Apprentice tonight, then I'm in. Did you catch the debate last night? You fucking loser. Do you think it matters. Do you really think they care about you? Are you really comfortable giving one human being such an awesome amount of power over you and the rest of the world? How obvious do they have to be that it doesn't matter who's running this country. Did you notice the outfits. Either way, this country is in one serious downward spiral. And not the kick-ass Trent Reznor type, I'm talking the George Orwell type. On one hand, you have Bush, who likes killing babies and their mommy's, at your expense. And than Kerry, who wants to put every Harvard grad who works 100 hours per week on the streets and give his job to Tyrone P. Crackpipe, at your expense. Either way, we're fucked, and you're probably too stupid to see it. Vote nobody! Don't even register, then you can't get stuck with jury duty! Vote or Die or continue living your life however you see fit.

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