Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Friday, May 11, 2001
ever have a nightmare where you are sooo glad to be back you feel like Dorothy? there is NO place like home. yee haw. whew. i dreamed i got thin again and some rich guy scooped me up and away to his castle and somewhere in the entourage i lost my 3 dogs. boy did i pitch a fit. i make a good princess bitch. when i found my dogs, back at the hotel, they were playing dog soccer with an old, dried up, piece of dog poop in a box. i go "ha ha ha, you're playing with an old turd!" and my black dog said, "so are you!" LOL. i got my dogs, gave him back the ring, drank beer out of a bottle and ate out of the buffet before it was served. woo ha! i love my dogs.
posted by Lorian at 12:08 AM