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Saturday, January 07, 2006
New blog?

Hi.. Bye

I've always seen people making these things and always wanted to try it out, Whining about how life bites, Nagging about their neighbourhood, Bragging about this $600 sneakers they got and showing pics of their newly-bought MP3 player.

But, I can only do Whining and Nagging 'cause I don't have a $600 sneakers nor a newly-bought MP3 player =/

Now trying to rip off layout from my other site www.freewebs.com/thefantasy89

Currently is 1.11am in GMT +8:00 timezone - sunday.

Finished watching the DVDs I bought on friday - "Along Came Polly" & "The Truman Show", Along came polly was alright but The truman show was a new perspective. It made me wonder if we're all just some scientific tool in a random research facility and we're being monitored 24/7 by 2 different persons or more specifically; The sun and moon.

Sure, We've been to the moon.. How do we know that's not a illusion created by the scientist? Maybe they wanted to test the limitations of micro-life? We created Sea-Monkeys, Why can't we be created too? Maybe we're just expendable pawns in a sick game monitored by fellow human beings to test vaccines and cures for side-effects; And viruses are introduced just to see how humans would react to it and what is the best cure? I'm not being psycho here, just think about it.. Entertainment, Addictions and technology? They could well be distractions to draw our attention away just like how the Romans were lured away from rebellion by Gladiator fights.

Anyway, Everyone.. Whether they like rap or not should just get Mike Shinoda's debut album - The Rising Tied or to be more exact - Fort Minor, The Rising Tied.

www.fortminor.co.uk - For audio samples =)

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