Monday, August 11, 2008


Monday, March 12, 2001
Finally I'm home from school. What a crap day. My ComSci teacher is a lech. She has to curb her drinking habit. Her shit aint kewl. LOL.
After school maya, gretchen and me hung at the mall. We sipped 'nana smoothies and stared at lush boys! *KEWL*

posted by annie at 5:03 PM - woke up. yawned. almost smiled. then I remembered how much I hate mornings. they're just so, like, dumb, you know. I love my new tshirt tho. it's got a bitchin pic of Sean from Living Bend on it. he's holding a zuchinni which I think is so totally kewl. then I got up.
posted by annie at 4:49 PM