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Friday, December 03, 2004
Ninth Grade
Well, I'm currently working on my eighth grade year AND my 9th grade year.....I'll be back soon to.

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Friday, November 19, 2004
...thats nasty...
The Insane Mafia was created in early November 2004

These are the current members of the group:

Smokey Beans: He is somewhat the leader of the group, he's very crazy....he has a very funny personality.
Igloo: He is ...uh...well Igloo is special. He's very protective of himself. He has an unnatually large forehead, but he's still cool. We named him Igloo because the jacket he wears looks like a fuckin eskimos snow jacket.

Saturated Fat: Thats me...I have the most memorable name! Ever since Insane Mafia started and I got this nickname....Everybody who knows me calls me either Saturated Fat, or SatFat. I make the flyers and signs that we post around school

Buggy: Buggy has a very sensitive mind....he easily gets headaches...we all enjoy throwing peanuts on him.

DeadEnd: DeadEnd is friends with Kevin....Kevin is not part of the group...but he hangs out with us anyways.
Insane Artist: He's the artist of the group, he draws pictures and does the illustrations for the posters, signs, ect.
God Momma: God Momma comes and goes as she pleases...she visits us somedays at lunch. I think she and Smokey Beanz got something goin on.
OKAY! Thats the basics! I'll update every now and then on members and their activities.

-November 19th 2004

Today, our first long term stunt began. Buggy threw a plastic bag with a PB&J sandwhich in it to Insane Artist. I took the sandwhich and hid it under the staircase where no one will find it.
In a couple of weeks we're gonna take it out and look at it. I'll update on the sandwhich regualry
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