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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Winter Break To-do List
I finally figured out how to make this work. Yea, I'm the shit.

I found the original list on but some friends felt we needed our own personalized list so I made one. I think it's pretty obvious that mine is amazing. Man, this winter break is going to be nuts.


I have borrowed some from the list on College Humor but decided a more extensive and more accurate list was needed for us. So here ya go:

1. Don’t get a job because you have too much planned to do but then complain about needing money and proceed to bug parents for money.

2. Wear school hoodie and/or sweat pants as much as possible.

3. Try and go camping even though it’s winter and under 20 degrees outside. NOTE: this will probably turn into sitting at a friend’s house, drinking and passing out on the floor next to your sleeping bag while your “friends” draw on your face with markers.

4. Spend the night somewhere with a bunch of friends and allow no one to sleep for 48 hours atleast so that cool hallucinations and trippy visions manifest themselves.

5. Play hockey; it’s just fun.

6. Eat as much non-diarrhea-causing food as possible.

7. Play broom ball; drink before hand. NOTE: Use of helmets may be needed.

8. Complain about how boring town is after first three days. (especially when you get home 5 days before any of your friends; proceed to sleep for more than 14 hours a day to fill time).

9. Make unreasonable New Years plans with high school friend; end up at basement party thrown by said high school friend’s little brother. (You know it’s gonna happen).

10. Go to different friend’s houses and completely destroy them through cookie wars, butter goo fights and any other means that could possibly be retarded yet fun.

11. Craft believable lies about how cool my semester was to impress attentive high school friends. NOTE: make sure to offer to “totally call my roommate” in case high school friend doubts sincerity of story.

12. Plan road trips to visit friends whose shitty schools make them go back sooner than everyone else. While planning said road trip, somehow change plans to include trip to Canada.

13. Try new and strange drinks/substances with the hopes that they will completely fuck you up and make an unforgettable trip (that you will probably forget because of the drinking).

14. Convince parents that more money is needed to purchase textbooks for next semester; offer to “mail you the receipt if you don’t believe me.” NOTE: Do not mail receipt.

15. Make fun of “townie” friends that didn’t attend college; overlook the fact that they make much more money than I do.

16. Go on rampage and steal holiday lawn decorations from random people’s yards. NOTE: decorations can be kept to decorate college apartments or can all be places in friend’s yard. Decorations with lights are worth more than those without.

17. Drive past High School numerous times; wish I could go back and do it again. NOTE: Never admit to wishing to go back to High School.

18. Attend a ski trip sponsored by your high school and try and impress all of the high schoolers by your skills. NOTE: This will be difficult because you will be too drunk to ski well.

19. To remind yourself of good times back at school and to make the times at home good; drink. Drink heavily and often. NOTE: for clarification, any one of events listed above could be made more enjoyable by drinking.

20. Wish break would end so I can get back to school and party; immediately after returning to school complain about workload and shitty class schedule; wish it was break again.

*Entries in italics were borrowed from College Humor’s list. Obviously, it can be seen that mine are better.

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