Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Thursday, January 26, 2006
Relics of time...
We lose those who we love the most...but it is they hu we will always remember once they r gone...friends r easy to gain but hard to lose in tym wen u get close to them...everyday we continue living the life we think is perfect, where the flaws r hidden and the mistakes r forgotten...those who see the value and meaning of life r those ppl who we call weird...they r those hu wake up from the dream and temptations of life...
Everyday, the word SORRY is time passes, it becomes meaningless..we tend not to repeat our mistakes but we r always compelled to repeat history...we should never expect one to get wat he always wants...true life is full of expectations...true life is full of great and wonderful things...and true life holds a great deal of hu shud know wat i mean must know that once limits have been reached we tend to give up...l

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