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Thursday, August 02, 2001
so first i wake up in the morning, pick up jennifer, go to gcc, take my damn aerobics class (which is fun but hella hard) and then come home. then me armen jennifer and eric went to the park! whee! we played b-ball there.. armen and jennifer kicked me and erics butt by TWO points. two gay points.. but wow, i suck. can't believe we were only two points away, i thought we'd lose like 20-0 (we went up to 20.. what is the score fo a real b-ball game.. none of us knew) so anyway after that jennifer started complaining about how she needed a tampon and that she wuz leaking.. so first we stop by and get something to drink and then me and her went to marshalls. the fucking tampon machine wuz broken! ughhness.. so then we went to vons and finally found some! *whew* then we went back to my house.. all 4 of us.. and saw "loser" - shoulda guessed just by the title that it wuz gonna be laMe! but o wellz =\ den i dropped armen and eric home and went to gcc with jennifer.. stayed for like a bit for philosophy cLass.. and then we went to some foster freezer or something for dinner =) that wuz goooddd! then we went to play foosball!!! hell yah..that game r0x~! so then we're walking toward that place that they seLL shakes and some weird guy comes up to us and starts talking to us.. asking us how old we are and crap.. and saying hes bruce lee. then hes all "yea so i just got out of prison..check out my prison shoes" and he kept asking me for my name so i juss told him that my mom never told me my name. god..that wuz weirdo as hello. hes like "yeah so bruce lee is inside of me man" and stuff.. den he followed us for a bit talking bout some other shit and then he left saying "come stop by starbux..i'll be there" like yeah rite we'd do that.. but yeah then i took jenn home.. and then like ok so she wuz watching somethin on tv and like she saw something bout a rapist and the guy kinda looked like the guy that wuz talking to us today..and she freakED! but i dont think it wuz him..... but wuTevers =\ so yeah tats bout all.. i'm sure that wuz MAJORLY EXCITING for you guys to read_ =) *muah*
~keep the lesbian pride alive~ and jennifer........ stay away from mY boobs dammit! *sMiLE* actually.. i kindah like it =) anyway, so jenns gonna rite the next one =) we'll take turns or something ~we luv u all~ be good..and always use coNdoms~!!

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