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Monday, September 11, 2006
"Second Life"

I was on a trek yesterday, supposed to be Harishchandra Fort but instead landed up in another pathway leading to a near death experience (ok yeah I admit I should have realized and stopped before going future!). Me and two cousins of mine, were misleaded to another peak and then left near a waterfall trail which we futher embarked on till it was nearly a vertical climb all the way t0 the top, and we couldnt think of coming back the same way since it looked impossible thus we reached right to the top on the edge to find a straight fall on all the ends of that peak.

We said our pryaers and proceeded down the same way (Left with no choice ofcourse) during which we faced certian DEATH nearly 20 times exageration here. So what i want to convey to you through this boaring leacture is that next time u have a hunger to exp death but then also want to come back alive "Call Me"

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