Friday, June 27, 2008


pOsTeD bY tweedy @ 4:47 PM
Saturday, December 27, 2003

hi guys! this is my new place to relieve whatevers happening n my life =D its my new chill spot for 2o04 cuss all my grls have blogs so i got very tempted to try it and once john comes back ima needa new place to write puwahaha so here i am..well my new years resoultions are NOT TAKE NE TIME WITH JC FOR GRANTED..cuss u never know when a good thing can end and BE LESS SENSITIVE..becuss there is sucha thing as overreacting...and ima be more DEVOTED TO GOD..meanin i shouldnt be so materialistic and frap...and i retire frm my crime doings,trami will always be my partner n crime but im done,no more egging or prank calls im growin up =]and thts all i can think of right now so Peez out guys
pOsTeD bY tweedy @ 10:11 PM

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