Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Friday, February 23, 2001
Ugh. Ainet is REALLY XXXXing me off. She's sitting here, talkig about how she HATES her 36 C chest and then startes saying *u*ck all the time and then when i asked her to please stop saying it she goes, 'I don't give a flyin F***k.' It really disappointed me to realize that all my online friends aren't really all that different to the sluts at my school. But maybe I'm being a little too judgemental. Anyways, it just REALLY made me mad. *sigh* Oh well. Bye then

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Well, todays my sister's birthday, and tomorow is when the fun will begin. First we're going to a hotel in Dallas with an indoor pool. We'll swin till we drown and then we'll get CPR from really hot guys. ;o) Then, for dinner we're going to Medevil times (which costs 40.00 PER PERSON!) in purty clothes. It's a seven course dinner beverages included, AND you get to watch people joust and stuff. Cool huh?
posted by Jessica at 2:41 PM

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