Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Friday, April 06, 2001
If you don't know me, you probably wont understand me. .... It's alright though.People can be very decieving throughout life. I've established that... numerous times. Today I go through the depress of my life, ALL over again. My "significant"other hasnt found out how smart great minds work. Ofcourse I'm talking about my great mind. Its very useful in situations like that of which I'm in. Hopelessly in love, something has definately been bothering me the last week or so. It seemed that him " cheating" on me ( I hate that word )..wasnt all that was bothering me. He wasnt intending to tell me about the incident.... and he's not about to tell me that he's also dating another girl. No Pun intended. He hasnt any clue that I know.... although its obvious becuase she has it posted in her web profile. Men ( or specifically 17 year old boys ) don't realize Women at all. ( Notice no caption after women).
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