Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wednesday, April 17
here are a bunch of my results:

my general personality test: i'm a rockstar! ^_^
handwriting test:
You're warm and approachable. A right slant indicates a general penness and ease of expression. You're probably very in touch with our emotions and aren't afraid to let them show. People enjoy your asygoing nature and admire your sincerity. Quick! What's 2 plus 2? T bars that connect to other letters point to a sharp intellect and a resourceful person.You are feeling very sleepy. Falling baselines indicate some sort of fatigue. You could be physically tired, possibly bored at work, or in a pessimistic frame of mind.Don't forget to breathe. An extremely straight baseline shows that you're a person who keeps emotions under strict control. You strive to impose order on everything you do. This quality makes you great at setting and achieving goals. But be careful. Don't get so focused that you forget to stop and smell the roses.You're riding high on life! Writing that hovers above the line indicates enthusiasm and a spirited personality. You most likely look to the future and enjoy imagining what will be, rather than dwelling on what is. Creativity and adaptability are two of your strongest traits. Let them be your guide, and you're bound to do well. Isn't it great to think like a kid again? A circular dot indicates naivete and gullibility. The pressures of adulthood often, but not always, burst that bubble.Do you bite off more than you can chew? A narrowing left margin indicates an initial excitement that quickly turns into uncertainty. Looks like when the going gets tough, you retreat into your comfort zone.
that was long ;-)

what's your celebrity look: the mysterious look....Who can say what goes on behind that Mysterious Look? No one for sure, because you love to keep them guessing. Your secretive ways are as intriguing as your exotic beauty. Maybe it's your deep, dreamy eyes, or maybe it's that elusive smile that hides something more.

bitch test: i'm 42% bitch!!! which is higher than the worldwide average which is 38%. 62% of people my age are less bitchy than me! i'm so proud.
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