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Thursday, July 11, 2002
i still cant get this to do what i want. But this is ok for now i guess. So, yesterday was...ok. Found out something I didnt know though...thats...good. And thanks Rose and Chris. =) My leg really hurts. I have to walk sideways sorta down the stairs because it pulls everytime I walk down. heh. mmm yeah..and I fell on the same leg that I pulled. Im so...retarded. yes. And so...I fell on my leg...and i have a couple of scratches, and the other night I was shaving...and i went right over the scratches....yeah. umm yummy. My mom keeps making me study s a t s. But i dont wanna. And she keeps telling me Im not going to do to college if I dont start studying for them. Shes right...but...whatever. Some crappy college will take me. I have totally wasted my .5 summer that has past. I did nothing at all that I feel proud of, or feel accomplished. Ok--I finished Owen Meany. oooo. Thats not good enough. And I cant drive yet....thats gay too. But aunt and uncle just came down from hong kong...about...630 in the am. But they got to my house..ehhh...8ish, and my mom made me get up. Thats the earliest I've gotten up for a llooooonnnn time. woot woot. And...they talk loud. But whatever. I need to get dish washing detergent. And...I realized...that I want so many the mall..and I say to myself "I'll get that next time." and i never do. Im out of money...not completely...but a l m o s t.
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