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Thursday, February 13, 2003
So I've been trying to keep up with this blogs and the thing is I've lost about three that I've published. I also found out that I have to put them on nicenet which I have forgotten about since we first did it in class. So this is a test blog to see if I can get it together here. I have a few blogs building up in my blogger I hope I can link them to nice net.
I hate my niehgbors. They ave been builing something in there back yard and every morning I wake up to the sounds of a damn construction site. It's either that or howling dogs which live in every yaed around my window. I need to start going to bed earlier so I wake up fresh to these wonderful sounds. I was sick and missed this class on Tuesday. I never got to find out what went on, I hope I didn't miss anything important that the professor will be expecting from me today because if that's the case I'm screwed. I'm gonna keep this blog short because I'm tired of typing twenty minute bloggs that always seem to get lost somewhere between the submit button and the "publishers office."
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