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Monday, December 09, 2002
Okay.. just got back to blogging.. I forgot I had one.. LOL!
But anyway, yeah today was coo.. I got to kick it with my
sexy whore.. And yeah.. He`s hella coo. =P But yeah sooo..
man it was raining today.. it wasn`t even funny.. I had to go
to bart in the morning.. it was hella rainin` and shit.. I got hella
wet >=| And then.. Me and my sexy whore took the bus to
hilltop.. and when we got there.. we just chilled.. after 20 minutes
or so.. this one black lady.. she was a gaurd.. she told us to
go back to school or she`d had to detain and call our schools..
so we went back to my school. At the bus stop.. that shit was
funny ass hell.. `cause ya`ll know them soda vending machines..
yeah there`s a new one out.. with hella big ass buttons.. but yeah
I thought it was cool so I pressed it.. Then one came out!! I was
all.. "WTF..HAHAHA" .. then after.. Rico pressed another button..
and another one went out.. then we realized.. it`s free, no matter
how many we take.. just as long as it don`t run out.. so we took like..
hella.. around 10 or more.. hahahaha. But yeah that was funny..
HAHAHA.. that was soooo funny. But yeah he left around 6.
Then after.. ieno.. I just chilled at home.. do nothing..
and its 9:20 right now.. And I`m just writing on this peice
of shit. LOL! Ooooh yeah Jess is comin` back in the 20th!!
Puahahhaha. But anywayyyyyyyy.. I`ll see what happends later..
if anything happends the blog will know ;] Por shore. Puaha.
Arite then ya`ll.. I`ll check back later.
Arite, farewell to my wonderful readers. Late.

P.S. -- I`m very horny.
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