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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
take one
So I guess I have a 'blog' now. I haven't really told anyone that I actually have a 'blog' because of recent happenings when I've told people about my online journals; all sorts of random people start to read them, and then judge or just assume how I live my life through my crazy posts. I guess I deserve that though, it IS an online journal. Oh well.

I'm pretty anxious right now, in life in general. I'm ready to be done at UCF and done with nursing school and married, but i'm only entering my senior year. I guess that's a good thing; i'm pretty sure i have a lot more to learn before any of those 3 things take place.

I start working for my dad/his campaign come Monday, and hopefully that will go well. Other than that, same ol same ol. I'm pretty hell bent on meeting new people/new friends this next year. I'm almost sure that I'll start attending bible study out at FBC and maybe the occasional status. I'm just so cautious of getting involved more at status--i feel like since i'm aquatences with a few people there, it'll be hard to really make new friendships. I guess that's a prayer requst for right now.

Another prayer request (or focus i should say) is worrying. I've been worrying so much lately about how jon and i will have income once we're married. I know i'll be a nurse, but that's not enough money to support a family. It's pretty scary to think of jon having a pastor's salary/'d just be so much easier if he could choose another profession. I'm coming to terms with the fact that God may be telling him that pastoring/worship leader IS his profession, and if that's the case then i'm really going to have to trust in God to get me through. I've never lived away from my parents/family, and with a husband working in the church, that's almost bound to happen. I think that's my number one top prayer focus right now--not that 'is jon the one?', but more "give jon focus/guidance on his carrer, and give me PEACE AND TRUST that God knows what is right".

I think that's enough for tonight.

Go Heat.
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