Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Dear Blogger,

I met a man eight years ago in Vermont and we had an instant connection. We communicated over the phone and I visited him but he kept growing distant. I didn't understand what was going on and eventually the phone calls ceased. During the years, I've had unusual experiences. For example, I was doing research for a presentation while I was in graduate school. While researching I found papers that he wrote and were exactly the material I was looking for! The papers had his information where he was working and his phone number! I found this as a sign and I called him. He did answer and we spoke briefly. To make a long story short I never heard from him. After two years again the "feeling" came again with the urge to contact him. I sent him an email and to my surprised he responsed. After so many years we spoke on the phone and he professed his love for me! HE said that he did call and left a message. Never received the message. He said that he always loved me but he was going through some hardships in his life at the time. The problem? He's now married with a baby. He is not happy with the marriage. Married less than two years. He wants to do what's best without being selfish and hurting anyone. I understand that completely. I told him that yes, we do live in two different worlds but I need to focus on my world and do what is best for me and if and when he decides what to do and take action and if we are both available, then let's get reacquainted. I wished him the best. I still think of him a lot. I desire to be with him and this hurts. I'm a wonderful person who has a lot to give. I love him, yes, after all these years I love him. I just needed to express myself.
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