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Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Now that's one hot guy i'd like to fuck!...

uh yeah..so anywayz this is my first time "blogging" so you might not like what you see..or hear..but i dont care =)..yup that's me anywayz my name is Natasha but everyone calls me Tasha. I live in Israel because my mom was a bitch and decided to move here. I was born in New York Queenz (Wha wha) heh yeah..and i miss it like crazy. I go to a real rich school were snobby peeps are all they got in it but DAMN does it have some fine guys in there! woo..yeah..I like only rap music and i love Eminem. Anyone who hates rap is fine with me. But anyone who hates rap and is basically a stupid asshole about it is gonna get their ass kicked! ()=). I'll be sure to put up as many pics of things as i can..but they'll all be from the internet cuz i don't got no scanner. I'll also try and rant daily. Heh. Well, i guess that's all for today. Tommoro you'll be reading about a day in the life of ME!. Excited already huh?. Payce

-The one and only Tasha

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