Thursday, July 24, 2008


Saturday, December 06, 2003
Life... god!! It has been a hard year for me... I have to struggle with my jc life... I have to struggle with the fact that i hasnt been what i thought i am... I am just basically living in my dreams, in a bluff world of my own... To many, i have been a strong girl. I dared to brave thru the uncertainties. But how strong am i? It is a fact only known to myself. I am damn bladdy a coward, i person who will just avoid and run away in any circumstances.
Anyway, i am in SRJC now in the class 1s07... I belong to the 38 gang which includes xuewei, jasmine, joyce, xiuting and last but not least me. I join the school basketball team and i knew a bunch of great buddies... Basically life in sr is unbearable accept for bball... I lived and continue jc for the sake of basketball... Well actually there is another factor that keep me going... The factor is actually a person. This person is one of the members of the 38 gang too... She is jasmine~! =p

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