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Friday, September 20, 2002
[9/20/2002 11:35:16 PM | waheethu nisha] best friend shalz is still not in school..what i am gonna be all alone..
8.00am..GreAt!! my friends azreena and kokila are also not in i am like gonna be a lonesome..*dish it is my recess time and i brought to school..UPpUma..ta-da..sounds lame i guess..well..u reallli i just pushed it to my freinds idah and ziah..they kinda ate evaryting...which is gOOd..or else i will be getting a earful frem my mommy...which is bAd..well...then i jes and ting ven down to call my tOOpid friend shlaz..and we all agreed to meet at 3pm..well..we are called the heartlanders as u will always see us there..*lame*

3pm..we meet u..and we were like just crapping bout jes's hair..which is in a bIzzrae condition..(Dun worry j3s..u'LL stiLL be my partner) yup..then i was like (finnally) bringing all my books home...and that was like a 10 pounds..then all the xtar stuff that i just bought added up to the 10 pounds..i was like huFFing and piFFing away..which is kinnda gOOd as i am in a BAD shape...(lame again) then we ciao-ed...and wen i reached home..i was half dead..

7pm..finished cleaning moi self well as moi junky rOOm..and was just Lurking around and waited fer the time to become the was the debut of SURViv0R..i really love it...and yuPPies*..

11pm..survivor was ok..watchable..but then moi eyes are in no position to be openable..*yawNs..
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