Tuesday, June 2, 2009


About Me

Name: Farmgirl Susan
Location: Missouri, United States
At some point, nearly everyone dreams of moving to the country, but few people are crazy enough to actually do it. I'm one of those few. In 1994, at 26, I sold my little bakery cafe, packed up 200 boxes of books & antiques, & waved goodbye to my native California. Armed with a very basic knowledge of gardening, an overenthusiastic sense of adventure & lots of naivete, I ended up on a 280-acre, 140-year-old farm in the middle of nowhere. I became cook, gardener, shepherd, farmhand, vet, surrogate mom, wildlife expert, sheep midwife & animal undertaker. My prep school education & graphic design background were useless. I went from attending restaurant openings & gallery receptions to working the rural fire dept's BBQ booth at the crafts fair & munching fried pies at country auctions. Nine years ago I moved to an even more remote 240-acre farm which I share with sheep, chickens, 4 dogs, 9 cats, 5 very entertaining donkeys & one really well fed farmguy. My life revolves around food.