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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
American soldiers Death toll Racks 10 dead today 69
In just 2 weeks and a few days, America has suffered 69 deaths to count for the month of October. Pushing to be the deadliest month and highest for fatalities since 2005 we still find ourselves getting battered by the insurgencies. We may have won the war with saddam but we have failed to win the war on the pure hate and evil of the middleeastern section of life.
Take that last line not in bad taste but take it in the hopes that one day soon hopefully that all evil and crimes of humanity will be solved in Iraq, but for now I'll settle for some real positive thoughts that we're doing a good thing for these people and maybe one day they'll come to appreciate our loses to help make there lives more enjoyable, instead of feeling fear on a constant daily basis.
So we ask ourselves why are we still under this constant death toll, why after 4 years is our death toll of U.S. troops still at a much to high number? Why are we with all our technology still suffering these terrible massive losses of troops.
Does it come from lack of training, has the armed services lost there focus on how to protect themselves No not really these insurgents want to win just as bad and will do the most deadly things to thereselves to prove there point............kill as many westerners as we can along with hey I might as well die as well. There mind is focused on Allah and his supposed word of kill anyone who doesn't want thats scary thinking about makes you feel like your stuck back in King and Queen days. Follow me or you'll be killed and your family as well.
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