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Sunday, December 24, 2000
It's Christmas Eve! That's so cool! I'm super-excited. Tonight we are eating lobster & clams and watching a movie. I have never had lobster at all. Although I already figured out (kids reading this please turn your heads from the screen.) that Santa doesn't exist, and then my so called "mom" further proved my thoughts, saying, "It's more about Jesus' birthday than about Santa." Which would make sense because she is all religious. But what about just the fantasy of Santa? She should watch the South Park Christmas Specials, where Jesus and Santa duke it out.
Yesterday was Fat Bastard's 12th birthday. However I remembered is a mystery. He will probably get a truckload of food, seeing as he is Fat Bastard, fat, a bastard, and my ex. I doubt that through the passing of the year he gained anymore knowledge, respect, girlfriends... probably weight, but that's it. That was sort of clever, if I do say so myself. Sort of mean, but if you knew Fat Bastard, you would totally and completely understand my point. He hardly ever called. When we broke up, he told his friends that he paid me fifty bucks every Wednesday and I screwed him. And he said he wants to get me and my girl Laura pregnant and make us "bleed." What a dick.
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