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Wednesday, January 01, 2003
Happy New Year Wow Its 2003~ ::throws up hands:: yah well i guess i should list my new years resolution. Hm.... Lets see this year i will work harder, try not to piss people off, and for the last one I will get in shape (just cuz everyone always lists that last one) yah... soo lets get started on those. Today was eh an ok day. Nothing special. I think as u get older holidays don't mean that much to me. The only kool thing about holidays now is getting off of school. btw don't u think homework during break is gay? I have a whole buncha stuff to do and only a couple days to do it... YIKES! yah so what was I talking about? hm.. oh yah holidays aren't that special to me anymore, i mean i slept in when people were doing the countdown. What so special about the starting of the new year? To me its just another day.... having said that Lets see what I did today. i woke up and played PS2 (Orphan) worst game on planet.... and im not saying that cuz i can't pass this one level. Then I woke up and cleaned the house, cuz we clean the house every day. Don't u hate it? u clean and clean and clean and it never gets clean... i wodner why. I guess its just one of gods mysterios puzzles. Yah then after my uncle and aunt came over to visit my dad, who just came home from the hospital. He had his appedix out and can't walk around cuz his side hurts. My sister swears that he's dieing. Lol. After my uncle and aunt left i went to the movies with anthrax and we saw drumline. We were gonna go movie hopping and watch Just Married but she had to go home, so oh well. At least it leaves another movie day open. During the movies Anthraxes phone went off and it was agent sea weed. Sea weed told us that Lo was mad at me and anthrax cuz we went to the movies, and i was like what did I do? Lo is mad at anthrax cuz he wanted to go to Best Buys with her and she said yes then canceled cuz she said she was going to the movies with me. So now Lo is mad cuz he went to go pick anthrax up and she was leaving to go with me to the movies. It's so not my fault. Its so not anyones fault. Confusion is to blame for everything. I say leave things be and start fresh. No one really shud be mad at anyone right? Oh well this is the way to start the new years... I'm on people's hit list now... and a hit list doesn't mean they're after me, just means im not their friend. Well n e who... yah thats what happened today, so with nothing else to say.... Later dayz ("weekenders")

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