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Monday, July 21, 2003
Ok, I'm new to this, so hang with me folks... What to say? Well, it's all uphill from here! A few details about me - I'm a resident of Worcester Park, a small part of the sprawl which is London and the home counties. I work in East London, mostly with computers, which involves a long drive each way - is it worth it? Well, I like the solitude of those long drives, and it gives me a chance to listen to the radio and find out what is happening in the world!

I'm single, play the guitar, ride a motor bike, drive a car, and have interests in psychology, politics, humour, music, motorsport and all sorts of weird and wonderful goings on! I've never bought anything on ebay, I had a web site for a while, I think Kylie Minogue looks rough, I have trouble with the way the British Government is trying to run our country, I like the sea, hate beaches with crowds of people, I don't drink a large amount - well, not very often, I smoke too much, I love Terry Pratchett and I like to exercise my mind with quizzes, puzzles, problems and enigmas. Oh yes, and I think John Otway is one of the greatest entertainers to hit the world of music in the last 30 years.

Ok, enough bullshit, let's get down to details...

Today I'm going to go on about the state of the music industry - in the UK anyhow - I don't know what's happening in the rest of the world, so I won't comment on that. Many people have been heard to say that the British music industry is dieing - there is nothing but music industry sponsored, talentless, young, pretty boybands, girlbands, hunks and babes who have no talent, only the abiltiy to look good, that the music industry will fail because of the internet piracy that is rampant out there in cyberspace, and that there is no-one producing good solid music from the heart. This is true when we're talking about the top ten, but there is a hell of a lot of music out there which is available to anyone who is willing to go out and look for it. There are music venues all over the country which are letting talent that may not be big in the world of the 14 year old female single buyer, but is performed with skill and heart. Many of these performers have charted in the earlier, more real charts - such bands as Dr. Feelgood, Eddie and the Hotrods, the Blockheads perform regularly around the country, the big block buster bands such as Yes, Status Quo, Fleetwood Mac and Meatloaf still perform stadium gigs to be proud of. There are bedroom musicians who are making good music and making it available on the net - ok, some of it is crap, but some is truly worthwhile.

It's true, the music industry is changing. The government has just passed a law which will restrict the playing of live music in unlicensed premises, but there are still many venues worth visiting. The internet will allow the downloading of music, both legally and illegally, and the single will fade out of importance in the near future.

Ok, enough of this crap - I'm going to go and buy a drink - see you around!

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